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  • Courtney Price

Adventure Photography

Are you up for an adventure to reach a portrait location that no one else has? Look no further. Not only is this my favorite thing, but I do quite a bit of hiking and exploring on my own time, so I'm well-versed in secret spots!

This senior picture was attained by waking up at 4 AM and hiking 14 miles round trip. Worth it? I'm going to say YES:

If you're not quite that ambitious, never fear! I have lots of locations up my sleeve that aren't quite that taxing.

This empty-nest shoot was roughly 2 miles of hiking round trip and the images are a perfect fit for the sweet, adventurous couple...

Not to mention this shot made THE perfect Christmas card. It's probably the best one I received this year:

I just love the mountains!

There are even a few spots that are more of a drive than a hike... I think you'll like those too!

Let's get outside!

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