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  • Courtney Price

How to Prepare Young Children for Your Family Session

A family session, in theory, should be fun! There are a few things to prep your fam for a great experience.

1. Plan a few outings with good behavior rewards before your shoot. This is great practice for littles and you can remind them of this when pictures come around. "Remember when you were really cheerful at the park and we got ice cream after? Wasn't that fun? Should we do that today? Great idea!"

2. Don't make pictures a negative thing at home. There are some children who just don't like to be constantly photographed. It's best to work through this phase by only taking pictures when they don't realize, never "smile at me right now". They eventually work it out of their system and are happier for it in the long run. Candids are beautiful for young families!

3. Choose clothing that is familiar. Nothing can set some kids off like being expected to wear something brand new that they don't like. It's okay to work with what you have. Work around the pickiest clothing chooser if you have too! It's best to have a relaxed approach about clothing so that no one is stressed when it's picture time. See my clothing guide here.

4. Have a chill attitude. If you don't seem rattled, your kids are less likely to feel it. Fake it until you make it if you must!

5. The final tip is to trust me! I promise that we'll get some great shots!

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