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  • Courtney Price

What to Wear for Family Photos

I get asked this question a lot: what should we wear for our upcoming session?

Basically? Stick to the basics! Try not to get too stuck on a theme or color. Working in a few colors that work well together is always a good idea.

Think coordinate, not matchy match.

Here are a few families that I photographed who did a great job deciding what to wear in colder weather...

Warm weather is a great time to use lighter colors, but it's important to realize that some things don't photograph well. Men in shorts? It's not the best look. Children in clothing that has logos or characters on it distract from the child's natural cuteness.

It's also good to coordinate the same level of casual or dressiness. We don't want half the family to look ready for prom while the other half is ready for the fair!

Fall is one of the best times for family photos because it's not too warm and not too cold. Layers can work, but you don't desperately need them in order for your nose to look a decent color (not blue)!

In the Northwest, summer even has those perfect temperatures so that you can really wear whatever you want and be comfortable.

I tend to lean towards blues, grays, and greens... they just seem to make everyone pop!

But again, my final and repetitive word on the subject is:

Think coordinating, not matchy-match.

And you'll be good to go!

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